Russian-French workshop on hyper- and hypocoordinated compounds
of the group 14 elements

28-30 august 2017 moscow, russia


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Kristina MITINA,

N.D. Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry
Russian Academy of Sciences
Leninsky Prospect, 47, Moscow
Fax: +7 499 135-53-28


Venue and Location


ZIOC RAS is located close to the center of Moscow next to the Vorobyovy Hills on the steep bank of the Moskva River, which is one of the "seven hills" making up the ancient capital of Russia. This Moscow district is peculiar of a high concentration of intellectual potential represented by the Presidium and institutes of Russian Academy of Sciences, Lomonosov Moscow State University and a number of other universities. The area has developed transport infrastructure and is abundant with restaurants and shops. In close proximity are located the Donskoy Monastery and Neskuchniy Garden which are among the most popular historic and recreation sites of the city.

Many eminent scientists worked with ZIOC RAS in different periods, including Nikolay D. Zelinsky, in whose honor the Institute was named. The main building was built in 1954 by famous Russian architect Alexei Shusev. It is a representative example of the Empire style of those days and is currently one of the local architectural attractions.


In addition to the laboratory and supporting facilities, there is a special place at ZIOC where the staff and guests meet together to talk and discuss research results and social issues. The conference hall occupies two floors of the building and is comparable in dimensions to a midsize theater. Velvet curtains, a huge chandelier, mahogany armchairs, a podium with a lectern and an emblem above create the magnificent decor that attracts film makers in need of Soviet historical settings. Globally renowned scientists, including Nobel laureates, and famous artists appeared on this podium at different times.

ZIOC RAS is proud of its library marked with the historic interior and comfortable academic atmosphere. It occupies large space in the main building and provides access to main Russian and international chemistry journals for over the past century. It has been equipped with modern electronic communication devices and is often used for conferences, presentations of invited scientists and lectures for students and postgraduates.

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It is usually warm (15-20 °C) and sunny in Moscow at the end of summer. Of course, the weather is changeable and unpredictable but there will be no snow for sure.



Global online booking resources offer a great variety of hotels in Moscow. Hotels Sputnik  and Korston  are located within a walking distance from ZIOC RAS.

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