Russian-French workshop on hyper- and hypocoordinated compounds
of the group 14 elements

28-30 august 2017 moscow, russia



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Kristina MITINA,

N.D. Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry
Russian Academy of Sciences
Leninsky Prospect, 47, Moscow
Fax: +7 499 135-53-28

Scientific Scope

  • General issues of the synthesis, structure and reactivity of compounds of the group 14 elements with non-classical valence.

  • Generation, structure and chemical transformations of tetrelenes (carbenes, silylenes, germylenes, and stannylenes) and related multiply bonded derivatives.

  • Synthesis and redox reactions of metallatranes, metallocanes, intra- and intermolecular complexes, and other hypercoordinated compounds of the group 14 elements.

  • Reactivity of paramagnetic intermediates (radicals, radical ions, and others) of electron transfer reactions of the "carbon family".

  • EPR and UV spectroscopy of paramagnetic intermediates.

  • Quantum chemical calculations of compounds and open shell intermediates of the group 14 elements.